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Who we are

A differentiated consultant partner

P2 Consulting is a long-term industrial partner

P2 Consulting (P2 Group) is a private consulting firm. Our team comprises former CEOs, COOs, CFOs and M&A experts with an average experience of 30 years in managing industrial companies.

P2 Consulting was founded by Thorsten Kühn, driven by the passion to offer support in long term partnerships to industrial companies and owners/investors.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Widnau/St. Gallen, P2 Consulting operates in Europe servicing global companies and selected global investors.

P2 Consulting is not a traditional consulting house

All P2 Consultants have a professional industrial background covering all main functions with a wealth of commercial, financial and operational expertise across multiple industrial sectors.

Our core services are M&A, Board advisory and operating services such as strategy and execution of growth, profitability and restructuring – initiatives.

We aim for a life-time partnership with a company and its owners/investors.

P2 Group therefore acts hand in glove with the owner/investor.

We contribute with our expertise and network of local experts to the creation of a powerful business strategy and pilot its successful execution.

We are Partners 

for the long-term

We are Hands-on

We don’t give distant, high-level advice. We work in the center of activity – on site – in close partnerships from management to shopfloor. We share our expertise and detailed understanding of the businesses we serve and partner with companies on all levels to create a spirit of success and to successfully execute a winning business strategy.

With an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our consulting services are based on the accurate understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of a company, its competitors and market environment. In a close cooperation with investor, management and workforce, we will help to define and implement what is best for a business to create long-term value. We will push for greater achievements and propel business to the next level of success, because we are passionate about our work, believe in what we do and only do what we believe in.

Engaging Our Network

Our network of local experts comprises former top to middle management executives from various industries with a broad know-how and great level of expertise who know what it takes to run a business. Thanks to them we can offer a vast range of support. All our network partners share the same values and conduct business accordingly.

Building Value

We foster shared ambitions to engage everyone from shopfloor to management in our change initiatives. We listen carefully to understand the execution parameters. We make involved parties understand the need for a strategic change and invite and empower all talents of problem solvers, innovators and executers to implement a powerful strategy, generating a thriving business.

Taking Responsibility

As an active industry partner on all levels, we are prepared to take on Board Mandates of the companies we support, providing our entrepreneurial mindset with a platform to perform at its best and build business over time to be fit for the long run.

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